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Valentines Day Ringtones


Show you care and love them with these romantic ringtones.Use these sounds and ringtones when you are commuting, or in a large crowd so you can hear your mobile phone ringing.
** Tip: Press and hold each sound to save as a RINGTONE, notification or alarm. **
Ringtones and notification sounds include:1) Romantic Musical Box2) A sign that you are in love3) British Phone Ring4) Busy Signal5) Cat Meowing6) Cathedral Wedding Bells7) Cat Meowing8) Cat Meowing9) Church Bells Ringing10) Cuckoo Clock11) Daydreaming12) Dial-up Connection13) Doorbell14) Fireworks Finale15) Give Me Some Sugar16) Love at First Sight17) Love Magic18) Love Lips Smacking19) Mobile Phone Ring20) Music Box21) No Dear22) Old Fashioned Telephone23) Oh Yeah Female Voice24) Pager Beeps25) Party Horn26) Phone Ringing27) Ringing Phone28) Zen Temple Bell29) Slap30) Smoke Alarm31) Triumphal Fanfare32) Wedding Bells Ringing33) Wind Chimes34) You are a total hottie
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